Home Birth Services

Home birth allows you to do what comes naturally in your own space, while your midwife monitors you and your baby in a non-invasive manor. After giving birth you’re in your own bed resting and bonding with your baby without unnecessary interventions interfering with the precious time following your home birth.  

The main difference for home birth deliveries is the midwives come to you when you’re in labor and stay with you until you and your new baby are safely resting in your bed a few hours after the birth. You don’t have to drive anywhere in labor and you stay tucked in bed when the midwives leave. All the care you need for your birth is provided in the privacy and comfort of your own home. When you’re in labor your midwives bring portable equipment and supplies.

Your prenatal care is the same whether you’re planning a home birth or a birth center delivery. You come to the birth center to see your midwives every 4 weeks up until your third trimester. Once you’re 28 weeks you’ll come every 2 weeks, until your last month when you’ll be seen every week by your midwives. If you’re planning a home birth your midwife will come do a home visit at 36 weeks, about a month before your due date, to get acquainted with your home and support you in having everything ready for your home birth. During the home visit your midwife will also perform your 36 week prenatal exam.   

Hygge Home Birth services start at $4000.