Hygge Birth and Baby accepts payments of cash, check, or credit card for midwifery care fees. You can also use your health savings account (HSA) to pay for our services.

Pay in full: You are welcome to pay for our services in full at your initial visit. Many families like the simplicity of this option. Families who pay in full by their second visit will receive a 10% discount on their total fee.

Payment plans: If you wish to make payments, you will be asked to pay a deposit at your initial visit and then you may pay a portion of the fee at each subsequent prenatal visit, with any remaining balance due by 36 weeks gestation.

Transfer of care: In the event that you’ve paid in part or full for your midwifery care and then are transferred out of our care prior to the onset of labor, for medical reasons or by choice, you will be reimbursed for whatever portion of care you do not receive with us.


What about insurance coverage?

We do not bill medical insurance for midwifery care fees, however we can refer you to a medical insurance biller who can submit a claim to get you reimbursed whatever portion of the fees your policy will cover.

The portion of the midwifery care fees your insurance will cover is dependent on the type of policy you have. As a courtesy we’d be happy to request a verification of benefits from your insurance company. This will help you understand what your insurance policy will generally cover.  Most PPO insurance policies will reimburse for midwifery care fees. HMO policies do not cover any portion of our fees.

If you have a medical insurance policy that will cover our facility fees (This includes most PPO policies) we will bill your insurance for the facility fee only.

We are currently in the process of becoming Medicaid certified. Once this process is complete we will in some cases bill Medicaid for both midwifery care and facility fees.