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All About Hygge Birth and Baby


The Story of Hygge Birth and Baby

Tara and Miki met in 2006 while working at the same insurance brokerage firm.  They became close friends and a second family to each other.   They also had a shared vision for empowering women, supporting communities and a desire to start a company that would have a lasting impact on the community.   After experiencing four very different births between the two of them, Tara and Miki found themselves serving as sounding boards for other women, and their passion for birth work began.  Bringing together their unique understanding from their own births with their passion and commitment for expanding choices available to women, they completed their doula certification and started working as doulas, helping women to create their own ideal birth experiences.  As doulas they were immediately struck by how great the need for additional resources was for families.  Passionate about educating women about their health, pregnancies, choices in childbirth, breastfeeding and family life, they set out to create a company that had all the aspects of hygge.

Hygge, as Tara and Miki found, was the perfect word that describes the deep sense of peace that comes with being surrounded by relaxing settings, family, and love.  Hygge Birth and Baby was born!

Coming in 2018: Hygge Birth and Baby Birth Center

Once Hygge Birth and Baby began doing doula work, the drive to have a Hygge Birth and Baby Birth Center began.  By bringing the community approach to birth, the Hygge environment and best in class care, the birth center will be like no other in the state.

Tara and Miki are excited to bring to their vision to life! 

In addition to Hygge Birth and Baby, Tara and Miki both sit on the board for ACE Scholarships and support the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation.   They also enjoy working with PreNatal Plus, a program that brings volunteer doulas to families in need of additional support during birth. 

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Tara M. Duncan, JD

Owner and Co-Founder


Tara M. Duncan is a mother, attorney, doula and business woman who is passionate about empowering women, especially around birth and family. She recently resigned from the corporate world of Employment Law, where she primarily worked with Employee Health and Welfare Benefits to follow her passion for birth. Tara believes in empowering women through support and education before, during and after childbearing. She believes that empowered women, lead to empowered families and that is the foundation for an empowered community.

Tara and her husband Malik have two girls, Austin who is 8, and Evan who is 5.   Tara is the Vice-Chairman of the Board for Work Options for Women and an Associate Board member for ACE Scholarships. She enjoys running, power yoga and experiencing as much Hygge as she can, as often as she can!

Miki Tynan.jpg

Miki B. Tynan

Owner and Co-founder


Miki B. Tynan is a mother, doula and business women who through many experiences and conversations about birth found her deep passion for providing women and their families with births of their own, not one that is defined for them by others. This drive compelled her to become a doula and then open Hygge Birth and Baby.  As a doula she works with families to bring their babies into the world each with their own unique birth story.  

Miki and her husband John have two boys, Chase who is 4 and Luke who is 2.  She enjoys sports, being with her boys, and participating in her nonprofits. She works with ACE Scholarships as chair of the Associate Board and sits on the Board for Rocky Mountain Children's Health Foundation.


Sarah Lopez

Lead Certified Doula


Sarah Lopez has been a certified DONA birth doula since May of 2016. She has attended a variety of births including unique situations such as twins and surrogacy. She was one of the first doulas to be a part of the Denver Health Doula Program, Colorado's first hospital based volunteer doula program. Sarah also works with a program through Children's Hospital that provides doula support for pregnant women that have immune deficiency disorders. In March of 2017 she began to work with the Nurse Recovery Program at Lutheran Medical Center. A doula for every person is Sarah's passion and it shows in the variety of families that she provides services to.

Most importantly, she is a mother of two active teenagers. Baseball, volleyball and band activities keep the whole family busy. Sarah is working to finish her Psychology degree with plans to began working for a Certified Addictions Counselor certificate in the Spring of 2018.

Megan Palsgrove.jpg

Megan Palsgrove

Family Services Coordinator


Megan Palsgrove is Hygge’s Family Services Coordinator. She works with families through challenging experiences such as adoption, surrogacy, postpartum and birth trauma.  Megan also connects our families to needed resources within the community.

Megan has many years of experience with children and families in education, social work, residential treatment care, and child care settings. She has extensive experience in navigating systems, collaborating with professionals, and advocating for individuals. She is looking forward to meeting new families and facilitating their unique birthing journey.  

She enjoys camping, hiking and just about anything outdoors with her new husband Bill and her dog Eva.


Advisory Board

Kerry Anne Crandell.jpg

Kerry Anne Crandell

Kerry is President and Founder of WoMAn: Women of M&A network who leads an organization for professional women by enriching their lives through information, connection, and service. After spending nearly a decade in the corporate world specializing in Risk Management services for Private Equity firms, Kerry has made the conscious choice to embrace her entrepreneurial spirit by aligning her work with her authentic passions and purpose.

Kerry holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The Ohio State University. (Go Bucks!) Her past philanthropic contributions and board roles are mostly in support of mentoring youth and serving women. She is a wife and mother to 2 young boys- who all share her love of world travel, exploration, and outdoor adventures.

Penny Lyon.jpg

Penny Lyon, CD/BDT (DONA) CCE

Penny Lyon has been supporting birth families since 1976. She received her DONA Birth Doula certification in 2001 and became an approved DONA Trainer in 2010.

Penny co-founded Sterling Doulas to provide training & on going support for Doulas in Colorado & surrounding areas. She continues to be passionate in supporting the Prenatal Plus Volunteer Doula Program. She valued the many years spent as a Doula supporting families living with HIV. Penny continues to work with and support the Doulas involved in the Denver Health Volunteer Doula Program.

She enjoyed traveling to do out-reach Birth Doula Training, as she believes every person deserves an opportunity to be trained as a Birth Doula if that is their wish.

Penny has been with the love of her life, Dennis, for 50 years.  They have 4 adult children, their spouses, 2 bonus daughters, 7 grandkiddos, 3 cats, Putter the dog… and a basement full of stuff, too.

Carrie Okizaki.jpg

Carrie L. Okizaki, JD

Carrie  Okizaki is the co-founder and president of Modus Strategic Solutions, Inc., a consulting firm that helps organizations manage and successfully deliver large capital projects through thorough and objective project oversight, assessment and management services. She has expertise   in project management, risk management and contracting for mega projects—particularly in the energy industry. Carrie is currently the Board Chair for Work Options for Women, a local  non-profit  that  helps  impoverished  women overcome  barriers  to  sustainable employment by building confidence and providing resources and culinary job training. Carrie graduated cum laude from the Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Science  in International Politics, and received her JD from the University of Colorado Law School. Her professional affiliations include membership in the  American Bar Association and the Colorado Bar Association.  Carrie is a second-generation Colorado native.

Constance Rock.jpg

Constance Rock, LM, CPM

Constance Rock, LM, CPM is both a practicing midwife and a consultant with Birth Center by Design. She has been the founder, owner and clinical director of 3 birth centers in California starting in 2000 through 2015. Constance currently has a rural home birth practice in Northern California and she supports the development of birth center practices all over the country, so they can provide their community with excellent care in an environment where expanding families can thrive.

Heather Szabo.jpg

Heather Szabo, Engineering Manager

Heather is a Colorado Native and graduate of the Colorado School of Mines.  She has spent the past 15  years working in the energy industry;  a  career that has taken her to New Orleans, Nigeria, Thailand and now California.  Heather currently serves as an Engineering Manager in Bakersfield, California, though her favorite role is being the mother of her 5yr old son Owen. In addition to her time spent on work and family, she enjoys cooking, fitness, friendships, and as much local and world travel as she can.


Alison Cox.jpg

Alison Cox, Graphic Designer

Alison is a graphic designer and marketing consultant who helps businesses define their brands and tell their stories. Since 2015, she has split her time between personal clients and working as part of the team at Wigwam Creative.  Before joining Wigwam, Alison was the lead graphic designer and project manager at Extra Strength Marketing Communication for 5 years. Prior to that, she was a graphic designer for Cricket Communications nationwide network of stores.