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Denver’s premiere full-cycle birth center offers gentle birth practices with a community of caregivers to support and empower you every step of the way.


Why We're Special

Discover why Hygge [hoo-ga] Birth and Baby Center is a special place for you and your family.


Comprehensive Care

All of your care providers are in one location to support you and your family through every aspect of your experience.

Our Center

Our birth and baby center is designed to be your community, your safe and nurturing space; no matter where you want to deliver.

Our Services

Denver’s new Hygge Birth and Baby Center provides services, classes, products and a supportive community to meet your every need during your entire journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

Not only does Hygge Birth and Baby Center offer a holistic midwifery approach to birth for new and expanding families, we also support ALL families through their journey from before, during and after you welcome baby home. Whether you are planning to give birth at the hospital, home or in our amazing birth center, our exceptional care team of midwives, doulas, holistic care providers, family support counselors and educators are here for you and your family.

 Hygge Birth and Baby Birth Center offers a full spectrum of holistic care.

Why Birth Centers are a Great Choice

Pregnancy and childbirth are healthy, normal life events for most women and babies. In birth centers, midwives and staff hold to the "wellness" model of birth, which means that they provide continuous, supportive care and interventions are used only when medically necessary.

Birth centers are universally committed to family-centered care. In birth centers, the childbearing woman’s right to be the decision-maker about her birth is fully respected. For example, at birth centers, women are encouraged to eat if they are hungry, move about and spend time in a tub as they wish, and push in whatever positions they find most comfortable. Birth centers recognize that the mother knows what her body needs to give birth. The midwives and staff attend to her needs, while diligently monitoring to ensure everything stays within the realm of wellness.

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The Story of Hygge Birth and Baby

Tara and Miki met in 2006 while working at the same employee benefits firm. They became close friends and a second family to each other.  They also had a shared vision for empowering women, supporting communities and a desire to start a company that would have a lasting impact on the community.   After experiencing four very different births between the two of them, Tara and Miki found themselves serving as sounding boards for other women, and their passion for birth work began.  Bringing together their unique understanding from their own births with their passion and commitment for expanding choices available to women, they completed their doula certification and started working as doulas, helping women to create their own ideal birth experiences. As doulas they were immediately struck by how great the need for additional resources was for families.  Passionate about educating women about their health, pregnancies, choices in childbirth, breastfeeding and family life, they set out to create a company that had all the aspects of hygge.

Hygge, as Tara and Miki found, was the perfect word that describes the deep sense of peace that comes with being surrounded by relaxing settings, family, and love. Hygge Birth and Baby was born!

In addition to Hygge Birth and Baby,  Miki sits on the board for ACE Scholarships and the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation, and Tara sits on the board for Work Options for Women.   They also enjoy working with PreNatal Plus, a program that brings volunteer doulas to families in need of additional support during birth.